Thrifty Advertising

Joe Patterson
When dealing with a owner that will not spend money on advertising.What are some creative ways to still get your name out there with spending little or no money
Bill Simmons
Joe Here are a couple of ideas. If you want to get your inventory in front of more people, try using craigslist. It is free to use except for the time and effort that it takes to create the listings. We have pretty good success with generating phone calls and wallk in traffic from there. Make sure that you get a dedicated trackable phone number for your craigslist ads so that you can monitor the traffic that it generates. When I Google your dealerships name, I see a listing for your store on You are, or were a member of the AAN at one time apparently. If you are still a member of the AAN, the Dealer Syndicator Tool that comes with the package is a great content publishing tool. It can help creating vehicle detail pages for craigslist and other websites. Your Foursquare listing shows up in Google search, but it doesnt appear that you have claimed your venue. 47 people have checked in at your store, so people in your area are using that service. Perhaps if there were a coupon or loyalty special on your venue, it could create repeat and word of mouth referrals. It is high school football season. Do you have employees that may have a kid that plays on a local team? Grass roots marketing costs very little. Get some dealership logo magnet signs made and park them at the high shool games. Or volunteer your cars for the homecoming parades etc. Those are just a couple of ideas. Hope it helps.
Joe Patterson
Bill,thank you very much for the input
Jim Bell
I would look to all of the free online postings like Bill stated. I would also try oodle on top of CL. I have found that CL is great for that $10k pricepoint and under for us. Make sure that you have your places page all in line on the 3 search engines to try to make yourself more visible.

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