To Quick Link or Not in email

Danny Spurgeon
I wanted to get an idea of what people are doing as far as their emails they send to initial contact to customers. In our CRM, we are currently using a blank template with Quick Links on the left hand side of the email. These links are; Dealership Home Page, New Inventory, Pre-Owned Inventory, Schedule Service, Order Parts, Hours & Directions and Contact US. We then use a personalized message for calls to action. I wanted to get people thoughts on whether or not they believe these Quick Links are a good practice or are they just a distraction.
Jason Stum
Hi Danny, My first question would be are you tracking if your Quick Links are being clicked by your email recipients? If they are, then keep them. If not, then you can safely remove them from that email template. If you aren't tracking the links to your website that you send via email, you can easily do so by using Google's URL builder to create links that you can track via Google Analytics: Just paste in your link, fill in the appropriate blanks, hit the submit button and Google will spit out your fully assembled trackable link. After your template is updated with the new links, you can then check in GA to see if the links are being clicked on or not. Hope that's helpful!
Robert Karbaum
I totally agree with Jason. Often, links you think are important end up never being clicked on. I have been shocked on many occasions on how some links perform. Definitely suggest tracking your conversions via analytics, and try a/b testing to see which works best. It's not easy, but in the end it will be worth it.
Russ Chandler
Do you track your deliverability? I would be concerned with getting caught in spam filters and not even being seen in the inbox.
Sean Welsh
My belief is that while links are a good idea if you dont have the abilty to track its unique click rate like you find in say a dealersocket or the above mentioned GA then I agree with previous posts to remove it. That said I think custom and unique video content should begin to replace traditional text emails and needs be leveraged and used whenever possible. Given YouTube analytics you can see a far clearer picture of how your link based emails perform in areas that matter like geography and duration of the average watch etc. If those links are done correctly then spam should not be an issue,where we have seen big issues with spam are in headers and footers that are far too large or image heavy. Hope I added something even though it felt alittle like echoing previous posts Thanks Sean
Greg Wells
Denny, one thing we find helps click throughs and conversion ia to use CTA's for customers to get pre-approved or to value their trade. Often the next step for a customer (once you've answered their price questions or availability questions) is to research their trade or credit options, both of which are steps that lead toward the showroom. Then of course track their effectiveness like Jason has suggested. Close rates can double for customers that take the second step in your process :)

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