To Text or Not to Text?

Anne Fleming

Here is a post I just added about making texting part of your dealership's communication strategy with women customers. What processes does your dealership have in place & do you currently use texting to reach out to your women customers? Read more:

Chris K Leslie

We reach out to everyone we can via text. Its interesting to watch it become more and more the way we all talk to each other. 

Anne Fleming

Chris, thanks for your comment. Sounds like you have a path that is working. Good for you -- paving the path. Trust you are monitoring the retention rate, for which experience and by gender. And your right, its another touch point of ease, for those that want to use. With women, we find a much higher rate in service. thanks again, Anne

JP Ostiguy

Hi Anne,

Loved your article

We make first contact with text and have seen a huge increase in response rates and creating opportunity for our staff. Funny enough we have seen the biggest growth on the New vehicle side vs used as we have over 33 Nissan dealers in the Greater Toronto Area and we are the first to make it a priority.

When we launched video texting with we saw an even higher increase of communications and have lead to our staff being more confident to use  Facetime and Google Duo conversations.

Thanks for reading 


Anne Fleming

JP, that is really great. Sounds like you have put in place a formula that is producing high-achieving (maybe over- achieving) results. Your attribution to utilizing different communication and touch points with consumers is really great, providing choices and personalization for both seller and guest/buyers. I acknowledge your fundamental interest in meeting the buyer where they are. That is truly the definition of customer excellence and look at the results you have. I am interested to know what percentage of your sales are women?  My best, Anne 

Great insight, Anne! This is well written and the information is Gold! The big point I took away is ASK! Ask your client how THEY prefer to communicate and have a plan and policy in place to do it, especially if it's TEXTING which is more and more how we communicate! 


Thank you!

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