Tools to promote the customer sharing their purchase

Ryan Gillis

Hey guys,

I recently took part in a demo on software from Vboost, this software allows you take photos with the customer, customer inputs their information (email or cell#), customer receives correspondence via his/her preferred method, the correspondence is a little video slideshow with music, the customer has an option to share to social media and it automatically tags the dealership.


Essentially it promotes the idea of the customer organically sharing their experience and tagging us in it, instead of us sharing it in hopes that the customer re-shares.


My question is; are you aware of like software?  Pricing on this (after significant discount) is $500 USD/Month, I am just looking for alternatives.

John Goll

Our clients use Podium which makes it easy for customers to share and post reviews. It's super easy to use, though they don't have the "custmercials" like VBoost.

Chris K Leslie

We have been using DealerRater for this same thing. They don’t have a video/music thing but everything else seems pretty much the same. 

Steven Anderson

Why can't u just create instagram account and share everything there?


Mark Rask

the dealer rater app is pretty slick

Randi DeSantis

We use DealerRater

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