Top 5 Holiday Marketing Tips To Increase Sales

Andrew James

Dealerships can create specific holiday-themed marketing campaigns to make the fourth quarter as profitable as possible. Here are 5 best marketing tips to reach more local customers in 2017.


1. Respect differences in beliefs. Make sure any decorations your dealership uses are respectful and sensitive to other people's traditions.

2. Choose the right outlet for your message. Go where your customers are, and make sure your dealership is on their mind as they're shopping this season.

3. Mix the old with the new. Include traditional holiday themes in your marketing campaigns, but also look for new ways you can bring exposure to your dealership.

4. Don't overspend. Create campaigns that use word-of-mouth advertising as leverage to increase exposure to new audiences.

5. Note what works and what doesn't. Analyze your data to see which campaigns are resonating with customers, and which ones are falling flat.

Source: American Express OPEN / Small Business Trends

olivia davis

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