Trad in Marketplace

Steve Belvedere
I am trying to figure out a payplan for my BDC reps for trade in marketplace (TIM). TIM is giving us plenty of opportunities to look at cars. As a buying center we have our BDC reps do most of the legwork for taking a car in. What are most dealers paying for the acquisition?
Craig Waikem
We pay them the same as a sold, and we count it as a sold. Essentially you are converting the lead. If they just sell their vehicle, or buy something, you are converting the lead. We have appt setters and a separate BDC. If our salesman get someone to sell use their vehicle, like working Craigslist, we pay them a flat mini.
Chris Costner
Great question Steve. I am on the same page as Craig. It is a lead and we follow a process to convert to a show / sold. I find many of these clients are looking to replace their current vehicle.
Shawn Clos
Steve, Great question. I am also with Craig and Chris. I have always paid them the same as a sold unit and it counts as a sold unit toward thier bonus.
Bryan Armstrong
Ditto here. My BDC reps and Salespeople are paid to convert traffic into ups ie. create opportunity. Either way the Store wins. You gain a piece of metal you want and have a shot at retailing that customer now and re-marketing to them later. Pay em the same as a sold or a Mini.
Steve Belvedere
Thanks for your insights guys. I may have to rethink my BDC payplan as a whole. I run a reverse BDC here. Appoint and provide a white glove treatment and pair with the appropriate sales consultant. I have a 4 man call team and we handle around 1000 leads a month. I close the phone or email only when the BDC rep can go no further.

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