Trade In Email

Chris K Leslie

After a customer goes through trade in form. What do you send them back? 

Bart Wilson

What's the CTA?  Are you offering to give them hard trade number online?

Chris K Leslie

Nope, more of an invite into the store. 

Heidi Hoffman

Our trade tool is KBB ICO.  This is our Day 1 email.  If un-engaged we do follow up for 7+ days then automated emails up to 30 days.


My name is Consultant and I am a buyer for KBB Instant Cash Offers, located within the Dealer Name Buying Center (full street address).  

Are you looking to sell your MODEL outright, or do you need information on replacement vehicles as well?

Arthur Bratton

We just signed back up with KBB ICO and are using a slightly modified version of their recommended email templates to give us a benchmark to work from:

Hi ~First Name~,

~Dealership Name~ is an appraisal center for Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offers. Consider your vehicle SOLD!

We received the offer that KBB sent you on your ~Year~ ~Make~ ~Model~, and are ready to help you through the next steps.

How soon are you able to make it in for us to verify the condition of your vehicle and make sure we didn't miss anything?

Your Instant Cash Offer is valid for 72 hours from the time it was generated, so please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Bart Wilson

How well is ICO working for you?  Seems like a great opportunity to engineer simple "digital retailing" into your sales process.  

What's the take rate?

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