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Larry Doremus Jr.
TrueCar is becoming an issue in most markets. I wouldn't recommend mentioning them in your advertising. What you will wind up doing is informing your potential clients about TrueCar. This will push them to get a price on Truecar before visiting you then opening them up to communicate with other dealers who are willing to sell a car for a few hundred over net. Have your staff trained and ready to deal with TrueCar objections.
Christopher Murray
Larry thanks for the reply!
Larry Doremus Jr.
No problem. Definitely keep TrueCar on your radar. They are a threat. Some of the TrueCar dealers add back in fees to the final price which makes this pricing not transparent and accurate as advertised. We bump into a lot of ridiculous TrueCar pricing in our market, but refuse to sign with them. To become a TrueCar dealer, you must give them full access into your DMS which can be a liability, plus they use your data to fuel their pricing engine that they use to generate revenue. It's an absurd business model and we the dealers are fueling it!
Christopher Murray
I appreciate the advice.
kelly hazlehurst
We actually do use True Car and it is a really tricky lead provider. We give really low discounts to these customers and we do honor them. We use it to pull people from other areas to our store because our location is less than desirable. It provides a lot of leads from customers we would maybe never get a shot at, however I believe that the customer prints out the certificate and then goes to their local dealer and they honor the price. I think it depends on the market because the customers that are further away from us we have a higher percentage with because those dealers won't honor our discounts. The competition closest to us will, now! It is a moving target and it is frustrating in terms of gross but we do get a lot of leads that are legit.
Christopher Murray
Thank you Kelly! Any and all input is appreciated!!!!

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