Trying to get a gauge on TRUEcar

We are an independent lot. Was approached by TRUEcar. Anyone using them? Results to your liking?? 

I like that fact that they push my inventory to people who have had total losses on all the major insurance carriers websites. 

Ricky Patrick

You'll pick up a few deals but their billing strategy is weird. Depending on the state you're in, you'll pay $300 or $400 for every deal they take credit for. They'll pull your DMS data and compare it with their lead data to see if any of the customers they sent you purchased. 

Thats interesting. They quoted me a flat $600/month for all the leads we can get. He didn't mention anything about a pay a per lead .

mark rask

In some states they bill that way

Anyone have real life experience with them? How did it perform? 

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