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Steve Devereaux
I don't have a lot of experience with TV advertising... How much does it cost to have a good commercial made? How much many spots should you run in order to get a good response? Should you make a certain number of different commercials each month? How long does it usually take to feel the effects of TV? Any comments on your strategy would be great...
Zac Keeney
Steve - In working for an agency I will tell you the costs of a spot or production of spots can vary greatly depending on level of quality, elements, etc. Your message should also reflect the personality of your store. This can often be overlooked of trying to be something you're not. However - first I would set expectations of what you'd like your TV ad dollars to do for you. If you're referring to TV as Broadcast it will be expensive as you're buying reach or a larger area. I believe you're around Pittsburgh so it could be pricey for the metro. Secondly - My recommendation would be to buy :15 second bookend spots and immediately double your message frequency vs. buying a :30 second TV spot. I would also make sure you're making a few versions of the spots so your message does't get really old really fast. Think of the iPhone - I read somewhere there have been 40+ executions of their iPhone ads. each telling a slightly different story. Lastly and most importantly - give the customers your URL. 90%+ customers shop online before buying a car. Make sure your URL is top of mind. If you'd like to chat more - let me know. I'd be happy to help.
Jeremy Alicandri
Make sure you include a call to action in your TV ad. Branding should not be the only component.
Steve...good thoughts, use :15 bookends and have branding and core product deals. That's why bookends are nice. The first 15 can be a branding spot and the second a core product spot with a sharp paymment...both of them driving traffic to your website for more details. You can get Comcast in Pittsburgh to produce the spots at no charge if you make a decent buy. They won't win any awards...but it will get you started. Ask them to write a few scripts for you. If you need ideas visit Good luck

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