Twitter advertising... worth it?

Adam Shiflett
I'm going to throw this one out there. Who has used Twitter advertising and what has been your experience? Is there a specific demographic you felt it performed best with? Is there a type of post/content that works better? How did it compare versus Adwords or Facebook?
Karen Ann
I like it. We've been on since November 2013.Very inexpensive. I usually target short term events using local postal codes (like a 5 day sale, 99¢ tire month, Ford's recent Bonus Week event). I am trying our first get followers campaign this week. Our promoted Tweets get far more action than our regular ones but we always get more than a few leads from any campaign (whether directly on Twitter or through our website).Karen Ann @fordandlincoln Edit to actually answer the questions :) no real demographics, Twitter only shows Male/Female/Unknown but our leads vary widely from 20s to 60s works faster than Facebook/Google, campaigns die out quickly leads come in the first day or two
Adam Shiflett
Thanks @Karen. Great overview.
Shawn Ryder
just curious how the pricing works for the advertising? is it based on a geographic region?
Karen Ann
@Shawn, I'm not sure I understand the question... but, you can choose to pay for actions: engagement with tweet, clicks on link, per new follower etc. Targeting your audience can be by location, gender, language, device... by followers similar to a certain user, interests and even import your own phone or email list. You can also market to people that have visited your website. In the US you can target behaviours...but not here in Canada.

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