Twitter and Periscope

Chris K Leslie

We all talk about how we use things like Facebook and Instagram. But what about Twitter and it’s sister product Periscope? Do you do anything there?  

Chris Travis

Unfamiliar with periscope and hate twitter but unlike Facebook I can get reshares on twitter easily for some reason. Now they may just be bots or something. I have posted videos to Twitter but really didn't seem worth it. Twitter is one that I don't have to do through my employee since I manage their social media but I do make occasional post for events or retweet things related to autonews/manufacturers.

Now for my personal twitter I do post about my referral bonus about once every 3 weeks and had luck on that. 

I Googled Periscope and from a glance is it like Facebook live? We did a Facebook live event for a launch. I mainly work from home so had to go in and tripod and get my GM at angles to make it seem like we were busier that we actually were. Not used to directing.
I see periscope does 360 videos. We have done drone videos before because I have one. If you had the inventory then may be cool to do a 360 fly around of the lot. 

I did the first one for my dealership, after they bought their own to use but they have like 1800 vehicles on their lot so may not work for everyone.

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, I think Twitter has a lot of hidden value that dealers do not realize - Twitter has a lot more functionality when it comes to targeting customers, etc. 

Chris Travis

@ Derrick. I've been at three dealerships with their social media and none have used it or even brought it up. I actually created the twitter account for our dealership in early 2018 because they didn't even have one. Might need to find a third party or search how to get into this targeting on Twitter.

Though my dealerships didn't use Instagram either but I talked them into letting me do that.

Suzanne  Laine

IMHO No one on Twitter is looking for a car.  Facebook has marketplace which still needs improvement, but at least it's a place that is "lead friendly".  And, if you have FB, you can advertise on Instagram without having an actual account.  All of these social media sites can help with branding, but only FB brings you actual leads.  And congrats for getting a job that only manages social media, and you get to stay home.  Sounds like you go the extra mile, though, with the videos and drone.

Derrick Woolfson

@Suzzanne, that might be true - BUT, what about cross-device remarketing? So, if they are more targeted of an audience on Twitter, and they come across your Ad, they will then see that Ad on other social media accounts, etc. 

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