Types of marketing

Kaylee Pendergrass

What marketing strategies are you using?

Derrick Woolfson

Several - it depends on the project we're working on and what the "end-result" goal is for the campaign. As for 'overall' strategy, it is no secret that it is less expensive to sell to repeat buyers; however, so many dealers fall short of retaining their customers when it comes to fixed-op's and/or purchasing another vehicle. That said, I would focus on (or strategize) how to take advantage of my current database vs. spending thousands of dollars to acquire new customers. 

Derrick Woolfson

Another strategy dealers often do not think about is to "STOP" marketing to out of PMA  (Primary Marketing Area) customers. It makes no sense to lose money selling a new car (this has nothing to do with used cars) for a customer that lives 2-3 hours away who will most likely *never* come back for service. You are essentially paying for a customer, and gifting them to their respective PMA Dealer. So when it comes time for service, their hometown OEM dealer gets a new service customer without having lost money to acquire them. 

Mark Rask

We have  a 60 /40 split between traditional and digital

John Goll

We run all sorts of strategies for our clients but it all depends on the end goal like Derrick said.

Generally we like to start with demand drivers and lead generation campaigns through social media and targeted emails to our clients CRM.

We've had success at trade-in campaigns to beef up our used lots inventory as well so I guess it just depends on the end-result you are looking for.

Mark Rask

we also are always up to trying new things on digital


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