Updating Leads in any CRM

Joe Tareen
Hello all I have two questions to ask and I would appreciate all the help I can get. I would like to know if someone could help me understand the process of updating an existing lead inside a CRM using the ADF format (if this is possible). I know that there are technology vendors out there who provide services that require an existing lead be updated with fresh information such as sending price quote or updating the comments section regarding further interaction between the lead and a third party system... Also the second part of my question although technically unrelated but equally as important for me: I would like to know if there is a data service out there which provides an approximate time of how long a customer has been in the market for their next car. I really appreciate any help or feedback I can get on these two topics Best Regards Joe Tareen cell 214-991-5316
Chris K Leslie
I dont know that you can update existing information in a crm via adf. Since it's basically an routing information to the appropriate fields. It's in the CRM's best interest to add a new "event" under the same person than trying to have it figure out if the new information being provided should override the existing information in any certain field. For people in market. I know that Datium has a type of scoring. Im not very familiar with it but I know that Dealer Inspire sites have it built in to their platform.
Jeff Novak
Every CRM is different but, as Chris said, typically they will default to considering an additional entry as a new or duplicate lead. Most CRM's only allow for one active inquiry at a time, even if that consists of multiple duplicate "leads" coming in. The exception would be if you had a service, or fixed ops, component to your CRM description. As far as the question of how long a customer has been in the market, GM has their new "Playbook" manifest list that predicts based on personalized web data whether someone is in or out of the market and additionally whether they are trending back to GM or a competitor, but it would very difficult to pin down a reliable timeline. A good Internet lead handling process will work to address the customer's inquiry in such a way as to initiate a conversation. Once you can achieve an email volley or phone connection, then you can gauge where he/she is in the buying cycle and develop your strategy. -Jeff Novak www.whybuyengagement.com
Joe Tareen
Thanks Chris and Jeff for the responses. Actually to be specific I would be only interested in dropping an html link in the follow up section of the lead as opposed to over riding or updating the actual lead parameters themselves. Would I then I have to work with the CRM APIs for that?
Jeff Novak
Good luck. There is supposed to be an industry protocol for such things. Recently I had VinSolutions taking forever to accommodate a new Cars.com product by allowing a new lead identifier to be attached to the incoming lead. Where the CRM's get cumbersome is that in matters of coding it must be able to be generalized to all their customers. If it is a follow up issue it probably can be addressed by creating a lead source or type specific trigger in the work flow for your given process. That is usually how I managed to work around the CRM being built on a broad, slowly evolving platform. See if they allow you to edit your own. VinSolutions and Dealerpeak will, eLead will not but they have quick customer service.
Joe Tareen
@ Jeff...Thanks for the detailed advise.

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