Used Car Window Sticker w/Market Based Pricing Disclaimer?

Josh Jordan
Hi everyone, I am looking for advice on putting some kind of market based pricing disclaimer on our used car window stickers. The dealerships owner approached me about putting some kind of customer friendly text underneath the price printed on the sticker. He basically wanting to let the customer know that we use market based pricing & that the used car prices fluctuate on a daily basis and to see the most current price to see speak with a sales person. My thoughts are to put a small * with text directly underneath the initial price that was printed on the sticker. Below is an example of what I feel the owner is looking for. *Chevrolet of Columbus uses market based pricing, so to ensure that you get the best price possible we adjust prices on a daily basis. To see the most current price please speak with one of our experienced sales consultants. Does anyone have any experience or advice on this subject? any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance.
Tony Wood
I would think with that wording a customer could lock you into the price on the sticker even if you would have adjusted the price higher due to market changes. Even though you say, "To see the most current price" I'm pretty sure someone could force you to stick with that sticker price even if you would've bumped it normally. Also, I'd be careful saying "to ensure that you get the best price possible" as this is far from how they'll feel if there is a bump in price and it's just going to cause heat. Maybe say something like "*Chevrolet of Columbus uses market based pricing. Due to this, the price reflected on the sticker may not be the actual price of the vehicle. To see the most current price, please speak with one of our experienced sales professionals." Although if I'm a customer and I see that sticker, your dealership is going to lose credibility and I'm going to think you're trying to pull the wool over my eyes. Every dealership does things differently, that's just how I believe I would perceive the situation from a customer perspective. I hope you get it figured out!
Josh Jordan
that makes total sense and that's how I feel about it personally but I see the owner's perspective also. Thank you for advice, I really appreciate it.

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