Used Vehicle Descriptions

Ron Henson
What tips would you offer the community on best practices for writing Used Vehicle Descriptions?
Aaron Kittle
1. List the premium equipment first always. Be brief and factual. 2. Omit "tilt, cruise, pw/pl/pm, CD" as those are all standard nowadays. 3. Signature OEM eqiupment such as "Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive", or "Hemi" or "Quattro" should appear because buyers want to know they're getting what they saw on TV. This ties your used vehicle into Tier 1 advertising, which is great. 4. Avoid distressed and hokey wording like, "Won't Last!" "Runs Like A Top!" "Call Today!" 5. More important than wording is having a good photo of the vehicle in your ad (!!!!) 6. Remember that pre-owned buyers want a premium buying experience too, and your wording lends itself to the kind of experience they will expect when they arrive at your dealership.
Andrew Sierra
Tag for future reference, out of all the difficulties i have in my job writing used vehcicle descriptions are probably the most challenging aspect of my day and I am curious to see everyone's input on the subject. Right now i try to write them out as if i was describing the vehicle to a potential customer over the phone that way it sounds fluid and conversational but i feel like my descriptions could be a lot better
Jason Stum
What @Aaron said, #1 especially. I'll also add avoid ending every little sentence with and exclamation point! or multiple exclamation points!!!
Ed Brooks
There is some GREAT stuff from the CarStory Blog, "...only 2.4% of comments included some reference to reconditioning information. This is a big opportunity for dealers. Consumers list condition as the number one factor when buying a used car and fewer than 3% of listings actually highlight when reconditioning work has been done."
Michael Roemer
Getting those details from the description up above the fold of the webpage is also very important. If you can accomplish this, it will catch the user's attention, encourage them to stick around on the page longer, and engage with the VDP.

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