needs SEO help

Robert Lehrer
We need someone to optimize our site so that the cars themselves are high on searches.
Debbi Kroll
Hi Robert: Who does your SEO right now? I'll share with you what I see just on your first "source" page. It may help. It's important to decide what keywords will be most used by "searchers." Your "meta keywords" are going to be very important to the searches, but also must be relevant. I tinker with source info always trying to optimize any sites I'm working on or with. Right now, this is what you have: "used car sales, used car auctions (NOTE the S-- not your company name spelling), auction sales, buying used cars, cars sales, vehicle sales, ebay auctions, auto auctions." For the sake of comparison, AutoTrader (with whom I have no affiliation) uses these keywords: "used cars, used cars for sale, cars,, Auto Trader, AutoTrader :" Please note they considered someone may think they're two words (Auto Trader) and also AutoTrader without the .com. AuctiondirectUSA has: "used car prices, used car online, search used cars, shop used cars.
Jeff Cook
I've been working with Barry Mandel and the boys with for the last four weeks. Very knowledgable, very energetic and well versed in the constantly changing SEO / SEM enviornment. I highly recommend them. Barry can be reached at 410-513-8280. You should also check with Ralph Paglia at ADP / He's certainly tuned into SEO and dealer needs as well.
Jared Hamilton
Have you looked in the vendor ratings? There are plenty of search marketing companies there and you can see ratings reviews and feedback from actual clients. ... -marketing
Stan Sher
I highly suggest Brian Pasch, Pasch Consulting. Brian is on here. He is amazing.
Eric Miltsch
Very interesting...Hmmm. Considering the KW's in question & our own ranking for them, I'll pass on the SEO suggestions. However, I'll share my thoughts on the overall presentation of the home page. Considering the current traffic levels of the site, I'd pass on the outer adsense towers for now. If it is a viable revenue generator, I'd opt for a footer adsense banner and/or ads peppered within the content. As for the main elements of the site, what's important to the company itself? Everything is the same font size - without any distinct hierarchy, other than vertical placement, the visitor isn't drawn to anything specific. (my eyes were drawn to the adsense links first - the I was left darting around the center bucket) Just my thoughts...anyone else?

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