User Reviews - Love 'em or Hate 'em - They're Here!

Kristen Stanton
Online user reviews are like gossip - they can do some damage, it's true; but unlike gossip - if you just ignore them, they won't necessarily go away. We get a lot of mixed feedback on DrivingSales - vendors and dealers alike - on what they think of online user reviews. The thing is - they're here to stay, whether you love 'em or hate 'em. My take (and Paul Rushing's, plus others on the DrivingSales team) is that they're best viewed as another testimonial when positive, and an opportunity when negative. But we all agree - they carry a serious responsibility. What's your take? Love 'em or hate 'em?
Bart Wilson
You're right. I think that they are now part of the decision making process. As a consumer, I use them when shopping online for products, and I know I am not alone. As a company, now you can see who is talking about you behind your back. There is some danger in this, but also some power for those who look for opportunies to improve. I love 'em.
Don Erwin
the j.d. powers report that came out yesterday says that 38% of buyers used the dealer ratings and reviews and that 87% of the 38% found that information useful. you're right, they're here to stay and with google plugged in a dealer that doesn't manage his feedback will be a dealer passed over. we aggressively strongly encourage our buyers to leave us good feedback on dealer rater with a personal email after the sale. we got a bad one last week, mainly because of service after the sale so i got involved as the division director, the general manager of the store along with the service manager got involved, agreed to remedy the problem and when we get the car fixed, the customer agreed to add to his feedback that we were quick to respond when there was an issue. a minor hiccup in our feedback when we build on the positive ones each day. getting one that isn't flawless makes us look human, which we are, and once the comments are added to with the "hey they made it right" comments a potential custo

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