Using Manufacturer Digital Marketing Services?

Brent Durham
Something that I never paid attention to until working with new clients, is the number of dealers that solely use manufacturer marketing services. Using a manufacturer's service is better than nothing but when all of your competition in your DMA is using the same service, wouldn't it be time to look for something different to stand out? I scoped out competition in a certain metro market and every single website looked exactly the same, paid search exactly the same, social posts..... the same. When will manufacture marketing programs allow for more customizable options? Personally, I am not complaining because it helps my company easily take market share. But when Manufacturers require that their dealers participate in their cookie-cutter marketing strategies, aren't they just asking their competition to conquest their market share?
Lauren Moses
Brent, You make an excellent point. It happens alot in the industry because so many manufacturers require you to use their companies to do certain parts of your marketing and they don't work on making things like websites less cookie-cutter. For the amount that most of these companies charge you would think that there would be some variety. Sad to say this isn't the case. And until dealers start demanding more from the vendors, it's likely not to change.
Richard Winch
Brent, I could not agree with you more. Many of our clients are using our services, even while paying for the mandated OEM vendor offerings. The dealers are strong armed into solutions that basically level the playing field (maybe that's the intent, after all, from the OEM's perspective does it matter from which dealership the car gets sold or just that the car gets sold?). I'm guessing it matters to the dealer.
Brent Durham
Exactly, one size doesn't fit all and the only way to truly stand out with work with someone different and can partner with you to meet your needs. Thank you again for your comments!

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