Using SocialUps for Facebook

Daniel Boismier
I would like feedback from anyone who is (or has) using SocialUps for Facebook. Some of their customers have impressive stats but are they relevant. If you are using them is it working?
Jeff Cryder
SocialUps uses the method of purchasing Likes. Which if asked I'm sure they'd say they're Geo-targeted Likes. But I have to ask, which stats to you are impressive and how would you define "working"?
Daniel Boismier
Jeff, These are two of 5 sites they used as reference. 50-60 thousand fans each. I did not see the insigths, but you can tell that thre is a lot of interaction on the site. What I don't know is what % is local vs. people from other states who would have little value for us. Of course 10% (or maybe higher?) of 60000 is still a lot of Facebook fans, so I'm trying to see what others have experienced.
Jason Girdner
@Jeff, How can you claim that we "purchase" likes? We don't purchase likes we use our system to virally grow the pages. Please feel free to call and get a demonstration of our service if you want to know more and want to be able to speak in an educated manner.
Jason Girdner
@Jeff, I would also like to add that we are very much against purchasing likes. We have a couple clients that purchased likes prior to using our service. The fans they generated by "purchasing" likes are not even in this country not to mention the dealership's area. We have no interest in generating likes outside of our client's areas. If we only generated fans outside of the area we wouldn't remain in business for very long. ~Jason @Daniel Your sales rep Kenny will give you a call to re-explain how we are able to get the numbers we get. If you are ready to get those numbers too I will make sure he hooks you up with the General Manager special. ;-) ~Jason

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