Using Urgency to Speed Up Decisions

Michael Roemer
Lots of eCommerce and travel sites create fear of loss/a sense of urgency really effectively by notifying visitors of low stock or a limited availability of rooms/tickets etc. I'm wondering if any dealers out there use this same tactic with your inventory. If you've got a vehicle that a lot of visitors are browsing and asking to test drive, are you notifying your shoppers so they feel the 'urgency' to make a purchase decision?
Michael Roemer
@Sheri that's great do you use anything like that on the digital side? Like disclosing how many visitors are viewing a particular VDP?
mark rask
We are moving to this on the digital side. I will let you know how it goes
Kurtis Hicks
We have our site VDPs try to create urgency. Its a newer feature we have added and we are converting similar to when we didn't have the feature. It will say something like the following: "8 others viewed this vehicle in the past hour! Only 10 left! "
paul lynch
We show this with a counter on our vdp landing pages on our Dealer Inspire site. It tallies all the people who have clicked on the vehicles since stock number inception.
Mark Frost
Does anyone use a system that hits users with a timed offer just as they're about to leave a VDP? That's another ecommerce trick that I don't often see implemented on dealer sites. Obviously a car is not an impulse purchase, but if someone's been shopping around that might push them over the edge and provide a nice increase in leads.

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