Value of a Lead With a Mobile Number?

Dorsey West
What's the dollar value that you would place on a lead that included a car buyer's mobile phone number and the exact vehicle in your inventory that they were interested in? I'm expecting answers to vary depending on geographic region & franchised vs. independent dealer, but for some consistency, let's assume that this was for a used vehicle with a purchase price of about $15K.
Robert Karbaum
To do it properly, you would have to take 3-6 months of data and evaluate how many dollars were generated from leads with mobile numbers, and divide by the number of leads. Then, compare it against the same segment of non-mobile numbers, and e-leads without numbers.
Dorsey West
Thanks for your feedback, Robert. But I think there will always be some degree of personal opinion that would go into deriving that value, though. Here's why I say that: For example, if a mobile number lead is received for a vehicle with a higher profit margin than a non-mobile lead for a lower end vehicle with a thin margin and both vehicles were sold, I don't think it would be fair to place a value on either lead based on that factor alone.
Chris K Leslie
Since you asked. I will pay zero dollars
Dorsey West
I'm trying to determine if there may be more or less actual or perceived value in contacting a lead via a mobile device vs. other mediums such as email or chat. So Chris, are you saying that you see no value in having the option to contact a lead on their mobile device?
Bill Simmons
The lead with a mobile number gives you another option to communicate with the customer via text, IF they opt in. Is there dollar value to that? Probably not as we still have the email channel available and most customers read emails on their phones today.

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