vAuto vs AAX

Barry Dubnyk
We are comparing vAuto vs AAX for Inventory Mgmt. We are a smaller store but looking for something that will assist with used inventory mgmt, appraising and pricing. Has anyone done a compare between the two? If you are using Vauto or AAX can you provide thoughts and feedback. Thanks.. Barry Dubnyk
Chris Costner
Barry have you had a chance to review the "Vendor Ratings" section here on DrivingSales? This is a great place to visit to see what the rest of the auto industry is saying. I think you will find some great information you are seeking. Good luck.
Russ Chandler
Hey Barry, I'm the Digital Manager at a 5 location used only independent dealer. We carry around 600 units company wide and are a volume type dealer that does most of our advertising online(, autotrader, ect ect)We have just recently cut ties with Vauto after being with them for over a year. The main reason was the cost(1400) per location is pretty salty. The software was extremely in depth and worked most of the time. The mobile app was junk so don't plan on using that at the auction or anything. Very detailed software and if used religiously it will work. The problem I had was it was just too complex for a lot of my staff. Extremely time consuming and most of the guys couldn't seem to get their head wrapped around it well enough to feel comfortable with it. I shopped the software and found "ecarlist" a all in one type company that has a "Truetarget" feature that is a little more basic then Vauto but extremely powerful and will get the job done. At around half the cost I was willing to do without the few extra options that I wasn't using anyway with Vauto and save the money. My staff has had much more success actually using the software as well. I would look into them before making a decision. Bottom line Vauto is more powerful, especially with there new "provision", however if I wasn't using the extra power and paying twice as much it just wasn't the fit for our dealership. Check out our site to see there work. We just launched this new site with them about 3 weeks ago. Let me know if you have any questions or what you think of the site. Thank you, -- Russ Chandler
Dale Pollak
Barry, My name is Dale Pollak, I’m the founder of vAuto, and thank you for your consideration. vAuto is clearly not an inventory management system for all dealers. This is because vAuto’s software is designed to promote a very specific outcome and that outcome is a very high inventory turn rate. While every dealer would like to have a high inventory turn (12+ retail times per year), not every dealer is prepared to embrace or execute the disciplines necessary to achieve that result. Under such circumstances, I too would recommend a less expensive, more basic system. Therefore, I believe the most important question to be answered is whether you embrace and are prepared to execute the disciplines necessary to achieve a high-turn, high-profit operation. To most adequately make this determination, I propose that you read Velocity 2.0: Paint, Pixels and Profitability. If the book makes sense, and your management team is willing to embrace the philosophy, then there’s no doubt that the vAuto system will serve you well. I also think that it’s important for you to take a close look at vAuto’s new Provision system. I believe that this new technology and data is a game changer that significantly advances the science of knowing what to stock, how much to pay and where to find the vehicles that you need. Please feel free to call (630-343-9016) or email ( me if there’s anything that I can do to further assist you in making the proper inventory management solution decision. Dale
Barry Dubnyk
Thanks for the feedback. I have not used this site enough so did not realize the vendor ratings sections provided that level of feedback. Russ, I will have to investigate ecarlist as I am not sure if they have a strong presence in Canada or not. Thanks for the info.. Nice to see people willing to respond and help out fellow dealers.. Cheers..
Bryan Armstrong
I use VAuto and like it but had as much success with just the Market pricing tool inside Vinsolutions. The new provisioning feature is nice in Vauto but unless your willing to embrace the whole philosiphy and hold staff accountable, don't waste your money. Homenet still provides a very nice basic inventory management system as well. Good Luck.

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