Vehicle pictures and videos

Jordan Walters
I think you'd be shocked at the number of dealerships that outsource their pictures. There are a lot of good companies that do this. Drawbacks are you only have certain days that they shoot, and if you bring a car in the day after that it typically will sit with appriasal photos or stock photos online.
Craig Waikem
We do our videos and pictures in house. One thing that has really expedited the video process is we no longer wait for the sales staff to do the videos. Rather than have a sales staff walk around the car, stumble on their words, and not be prepared (not our guys!), we have our digital manager just do a voice over on the video. He is prepared with the vehicle history, service work, and also knows the vehicle very well because he shot the video! If he stumbles on his words, it's easier to start over the voice over rather than the video.
Darren Colby
Sounds like you have your ducks in a row Craig.
Craig Waikem
Thanks Darren! We have a great team.
Aleksandra Banas
One of the first things I did when I started at Lexus was take control of our inventory, New and Used. I wanted to speed up the online speed to market with our vehicles. I brought on cDemo and their mobile inspector technology and brought every thing in house with a full time merchandiser. Their app takes you around the vehicle by starting off with a VIN explosion. My merchandiser then verifies all the features, options etc as well as taking the photo points and video points (yes real video walk arounds of each and every vehicle) which is the uploaded to our youtube channel )directly from the app). Once you press submit on the app all the pictures, videos, options, details etc is uploaded to the cDemo Dashboard. cDemo set up data feeds to all the places I send my inventory, both used and new. I do not spend any time re uploading any data, pictures, videos or doing data entry. We spend all of our time at the vehicle properly merchandising it. On our website, and wherever they accept the youtube embedment code, each vehicle has real photos, packages, options and details. we took control of our inventory by not having to rely on third party picture takers and my speed to market (online) on vehicles is hours now and not days or weeks. it has increased our new sales leads ten folds because our online customers are now submitting leads on real inventory on our lot. I highly recommend cDemo and Mobile inspector. As for cost, it is $3.50 per car and includes all of the above. It is pay as you go, no contract and all the data feeds and integrations in included. we average spending about $250 a month for everything it does. these guys have transformed on how we compete online! our youtube channel went from 1800 views to 130,000 in just 8 months :) hope this helps! Aleks
Phil Cash
When I started the Internet department at San Tan Ford. I knew that we needed to have our inventory photographed. So I did my research and found DealerSpecialties. They have done an amazing job for my dealership. I no longer run the Internet Departmen, but now work in Finance. I see them here at the store 5 days a week and on Saturday as well. They in my opinion, they are hands down one of our best vendors that we do business with. If you are looking for a company to go above and beyond to meet your needs, reach out to DealerSpecialties. Dan Fuccello.

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