Vendors, Please Stop Doing This

Chris K Leslie

This new vendor practice of calling on the last day of the month saying "I know it's the last day of the month and your busy but I wanted to put something on the books." Needs to stop. 

Drew Bettiol

YES! It's very annoying.

Ricky Patrick

Yes, and since they all used to "be in the business" they should understand the pressure at a car dealership on the last few days of the month. We do have some good ones that only come the first half of the month, though.

Chris K Leslie

I think thats what they are banking on. Thinking dealers will just schedule something to get them off the phone. 

Brittany Crutchfield

As a new marketing worker with Better Car People, a vendor for BDC enhancements, I was specifically told that we focus on educating and giving as quality content as possible at the end of the month.


Now I see I was told to do this, who wants to annoy people?

Bart Wilson

So, no end of the month.  I'm assuming no beginning of the month either, and Mondays and Fridays are probably also out............

When do you suggest vendors contact you?  Is there a preferred day of the week and time slot that makes the most sense?

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