Brad Wise
Looking for opinions/best practices for sending video responses to internet leads. Tech - camera/phone? go pro? do and do not Imbedded/link? Creative ideas Thanks in advance
Kyle Rutledge
I looked at that BombBomb service and it seems like a good option, I think it's worth looking into for yourself. I do have three years of video experience myself and just have some quick general tips that might help. First, make sure you record where you have good lighting. Office lights often don't produce good video. Natural light is awesome so if there is somewhere you can film with a lot of windows that would probably look better. Second make sure there isn't a lot of Background noise. Before you start recording stop and listen to the sounds you've stopped noticing. Right now I can hear our AC unit running but wouldn't have noticed that if I hadn't stopped to hear it. There might be background conversations, those kinds of things are distracting during videos. Third, don't make it too long, or at least make it informative to them. When talking with someone in person they have a lot of different stimuli to keep their attention but in video they only have what you give them. The average person loses focus after 3 seconds if they don't have new information so keep things informative and give them the information they want. Hope this help!
Steve Roessler
Say the customer name at least 2 times in the video. If you don't know the customer, mention something that is happening in your area (weather, sports, etc). Key is the more personal you can be, the better the outcome. I agree with Kyle, each initial video should be 20-30 seconds for the intro. Also, if you can add a "pause" button, it will come in handy when doing a walk around to save time on the video.
Timmy James
Brad, This is a great question and the other posters have offered some wonderful advice thus far. This is a topic that I am quite passionate about, so please forgive the length of my response (wish I could just post a quick video). This is actually a great topic for a webinar, so I think I will start putting that together. Meanwhile here are some quick things to consider: Tech: You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an expensive camera, but you do want to master the settings that the camera of choice offers you, primarily the Exposure Triangle (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed). This will help you produce great videos in multiple lighting scenarios. Imbedded/Linked: LINKED. Sure embedding a video inside an email sounds cool, but “sounds cool” isn’t functional as only a few email clients would even play the embedded video and most SPAM filters would kick it out. A video is worthless if it doesn’t make it through the SPAM filters. So utilize a Video Landing Page and then link to that page (which has the video embedded) . Creative Ideas: This depends on if you are going to build a library of video responses, personalize each message, or utilize a combination of each in your process. There are advantages and disadvantages to each strategy, but each can be effective as well. Whichever strategy you utilize here are some fundamentals: - Use the word “video” in the subject - Use the emails to “support” your phone call strategy, not replace it - The focus of the video should be to “call you” - SMILE! There is nothing worse than seeing a video with an unhappy face - Use a video landing page that contains the mail video (the one you just shot) and additional supporting videos like your dealership’s Value Proposition video, your sales person’s Introduction video, and some Customer Testimonial videos. Sell the dealership, sell yourself, sell the car…all at the same time. Now I want to talk about some additional things to consider. Where your video is “hosted” is one of the most important pieces of this puzzle. All of your video content, including your video emails, should be hosted on the same platform so that you can track your viewing data of a shopper across all touch-points, and match that shopper with their history within your CRM. This will also allow you to deliver “viewer specific” content to your shoppers based upon their history and/or geo-location. So if the person you have sent the video email to watches another one of your videos on your website,, AutoTrader, Facebook Video Pages, a Blog, another email, etc. your video host platform knows it and can serve up real-time marketing/re-marketing content, special offers, etc. all based upon the rules you have established. This includes geo-targeting your competitor’s lot. So if this lead ends up visiting your competitor but decides to watch your video email just one more time (or any of your videos for that matter) then you could receive a notice that they are on your competitor’s lot while the video throws up a last chance offer. My apologies for being so long winded. There are a lot of other suggestions so I think I will put together a webinar on the topic soon. I hope this helps!

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