Video In Sales

Chris K Leslie

WE have all talked for years about doing more video in the sales department. Now that most CRM's have the ability to shoot and send video inside their mobile apps. Are you guys seeing more salespeople adopting this tech> 

Bart Wilson

@Chris, Victoria Dillabough is doing some cool things with video.  I'll see if we can get her to chime in.

Mark Rask

we have tried but had no success 

Chris K Leslie

Same here Mark. Seems that a lot of these tools and things are more exciting for us marketers but then fall flat when trying to get others involved. 

Alan Johnson

We are seeing easy adoption with new sales pros. Their success is influencing the veterans to jump in as well. 


Brody Dezember

This is just like anything else you "implement" in your sales department.  Without a process in place nothing is going to happen. For stores that use video religiously, we are seeing better close rates, more referrals and a better overall customer experience.

Just to be clear.  Having a evergreen video spot of each person in your sales department is a good first step, but having a customized video for every lead is going to be better at gettig the customer to respond.

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