Video is maturing

Jon Nigbor

Brian Pasch and Jon Nigbor talk about some discoveries Jon's company Media272 has seen during the past 10 years of their shooting videos on-location nationwide.

What have you and your store tried and seen change over time?

Susan Foster

I've been on the auto advertising side for 10+ years and the ability to target down to Make/Model level through Real Time Bidding has seen impressive results as opposed to the third party sites.   We target pre-roll and display based off of Make and Model searches, we can even conquest competing makes -- match that targeting with an ad specifically to that vehicle, and you have a win/win with driving traffic.   The other video product that sees lots of success, but which is more branding then direct targeting, is Over The Top TV (streaming TV).   100% Viewable, 100% Non-skippable, and NOT pre-emptable like with the TV/Broadcast Stations.  Millennials account for the largest generation in the American Workforce and they have become the generation to target.  They have led the way with Streaming tv with all generations following.   Putting the right branding message in front of these cost conscience customers will get their attention!   Both Make/Model targeting and OOT TV have seen great results with our Tier II and Tier III clients across the country.

Mark Rask

We have seen good results on streaming tv.

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