Video response process/service?

Steve M
I will be attempting to expand on our Internet Department by delving into video responses. I looked around on these forums and found a few websites, but can anyone recommend and post experiences with any? So far : Youtube - upload to youtube and send the link, or use youtube capture app for an iphone. BombBomb - video response service, but seems somewhat vague in its description. Covideo - another video response service, seems to be more popular I am trying to compile a list, reviews, and differences before choosing to go a certain route. We would like to increase email engagement,
Steve M
Thanks for the reply. So what do you like about Bombbomb? Is your staff using gmail for their dealer work emails? are you able to send me a sample video if I message you my email address?
Chris K Leslie
Steve, are you trying to get the videos to play in the email or are they just linking to a page? I prefer Wistia also.
Steve M
Chris, I am open to the idea of both! What do you all think have better engagement, responses, and compatibility? Whatever is more effective.
Taylan Yu
I just signed up for a BombBomb trial and I look forward to seeing what it can do! I've heard about good things about and I plan on demoing that tool as well. (They send an e-mail and SMS notification to the customer). I also had the pleasure to demo drivecentric. It's a cloud based CRM tool that integrates video responses with your sales teams e-mails. There's an app, browser access, and your management team can see ALL communications from your sales team to your clients. As well as a pretty cool A.I BDC feature that contacts your "dead" deals 4 days after your sales team doesn't initiate contact with your customer. I think one of the things to consider when choosing a video response service would be their ability to track customers after they opened the email. Some companies have the ability to put cookies in the leads browser so that shopping behavior can be tracked. It's pretty powerful to have the ability to see what cars your customers are comparing and how serious are they about shopping
Chris K Leslie
In my opinion the best way to go about this is to have a video link to a landing page where the entire watch page is branded for the subject matter. You can also place cookies from Facebook on those pages and build custom audiences out of it. Someone who does a great job of this overall is Ezra Firestone. Here is his website.

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