Video Views on Facebook Ads

Chris Koenig
Hello! Does anyone know what constitutes a "video view" within Facebook Ads? For example, on a recent ad we ran, the report displays over 3,200 "video views", but only 6 "clicks to play video". Does that mean the 99.8% of the "video views" were the result of auto-play?
Parker Lukjanovs
The video ads will begin to play as you scroll through News Feed, but if you don’t want to watch, you can simply keep scrolling and the video will stop playing. SO, what this means is yes only 6 people clicked on the Ad to watch the video after they started playing, or clicked on the ad to turn the volume on, because Facebook Video Ads don't have sound unless turned on. 3,200 people saw your video and 6 played it resulting in a 0.1875% Click Through. Extremely low percentage.
Chris Koenig
Parker, that is what I assumed was the cause of the additional number of "video views", just wondered if anyone could back that up. Our ad was actually served 8,500 times with 81 total clicks (includes clicks thru to our page/or clicking on the shop now button featured in the ad, does NOT include negative clicks such as "don't see ads from them") for a click through rate of 0.652% Would you agree that is a decent click thru rate.....not strong, but not bad?
Parker Lukjanovs
Video tends to have higher click through rates to be honest with you. You should have at least 2% on an effective video ad. I've seen as high as 10% on Mobile Video Ads.
Chris Koenig
Parker, thanks for the feedback. Facebook Ads are basically a new frontier for us, so there is a lot to learn. Our target was somewhat broad, we really only focused on a geographic area, narrowed down age a bit, and then "in market buyers" under behaviors; so I'm not surprised that we're getting CTR of under 1%. Chris, I also disabled Auto Play on my news feed, I think it's a terrible feature. I doubt anyone likes it, but there are probably a lot of people who are just complacent or don't know that it can be turned off. The campaign cost was very little, capped at $25 per day for 5 days. As I said above we are just finding our way in this so it's not something we were investing a lot of money in, just something new to try. We recently spent thousands on Pandora advertising that only saw us get the same kind of click thru rate I'm seeing on this Facebook ad.
Jason Stum
For clarification, Facebook considers it a "view" if the video was on screen and playing for 3 seconds or more. There's actually some handy stats in your page insights that give you the breakdown on how your video ad performed. And @Chris, I like your intrepid spirit. There's nothing wrong with trying something out and getting a feel for how it works. Remember, not everything you try when it comes to social will work, but in the end you'll be smarter for it.

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