Virtual Reality

Maddy Low

Another thing being talked about today in the P Club workshop I'm sitting in - Virtual Reality and how it can be implemented in auto. Thoughts?? 

That's already the route some automakers (Infiniti) are taking, and I think there's a market for VR when it comes to certain brands. VR will never replace a true test drive, but it can certainly attract buyers in the market who are doing research.

Chris K Leslie

We are still a long way away from VR being something as common as say the iPhone. 

I think there are cases where VR could be fun from a branding perspective.

But, as a "sales tool" with an "roi" and all those other buzzwords and air quotes Its still so far far away from being something to even consider on a dealership level. 

Nick Cybela

We (FlowFound) have implemented virtual reality test drives with a considerable amount of dealer groups and high volume dealers.  

High-end dealers using this to woo the consumer and deliver on experience! 

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