Was Jerry Maguire On To Something?

Gary Sanders
Jerry Maguire “Two nights later in Miami at our corporate conference, a breakthrough. Breakdown? Breakthrough. It was the oddest, most unexpected thing. I began writing what they call a Mission Statement for my company. You know -- a Mission Statement -- a suggestion for the future. What started out as one page became twenty-five. Suddenly I was my father's son. I was remembering the simple pleasures of this job, how I ended up here out of law school, the way a stadium sounds when one of my players performs well on the field... And suddenly it was all pretty clear. The answer was fewer clients. Caring for them, caring for ourselves, and the games too. Starting our lives, really. Hey, I'll be the first to admit it. What I was writing was somewhat "touchy feely." I didn't care. I had lost the ability to bullsh*t. It was the me I'd always wanted to be”. Jerry almost had it; until he got fired. But in the car business, have we lost touch with our customers? It goes with out saying a dealer can not survive on “Fewer Clients”. So start “Caring for them, caring for ourselves”. There are businesses out there that we can only wonder what effects and benefits they could have on a dealer. What if a dealer was like a “Chick-fil-a”? The employees buy into everything the company stands for and it shows in the performance and attitude. What about a “Jones Soda” where the customer feels apart of the product? Maybe all we need to do is “remember the simple pleasures of this job, how we ended up here out of school, or offer heart felt, honest “Thank You” to your customers”.

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