We are currently using Carmercial for VSEO, Does anyone use them or are there better VSEO companies for less money?Any advice will be helpful.

Heather Matos
We are currently using Carmercial for VSEO? Does anyone use them or are there better VSEO companies for less money? We are looking at all our lead providers and digital marketing to see if we are getting quality products for the money. Please any advice will be helpful.
Dennis Wagner
Heather, I have heard good things about them, but never worked with them. I am a firm believer in doing it all yourself. You can do it and it's not that difficult. Read some of my blogs about creating an automotive sales funnel. I have helped double several dealerships double their business within 90 days. Every salesperson is required to be factory certified (if at a franchise dealership) and have a YouTube account. They must do a few videos per week. The videos properly tagged are all plugging your dealership. The larger the video library get the more likely you to rank highly in Google. Video trumps content because YouTube is owned by Google. Check out my blogs. www.thedenniswagner.com
Keith Wilkerson
I agree with Dennis on doing it yourself. It's not hard at all to do, and it gives your dealership's customer a much more personalized experience.
Heather Matos
What about the VSEO they claim they have ? Is it not true or do company like this help you to become more visible online? I guess my real question are there claims really true?
Dennis Wagner
Heather, I am not sure of their claims, but I do know you can do as good if not better yourself. Like Keith said, It is more personalized. People like to see the person they are going to be working with at the dealership. The video acts as an introduction.
Heather Matos
Thank you. Just started email customer video and having much better response, I believe its will help capture customers and feel like they want to give us a chance... Ill let you know how it works out in the coming months. Plus the walkaround and customer review video on youtube that we personally do. Thank you Heather Matos

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