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Kevin Janz
In the recent months I have been trying a "buy from home" option on our website. The goal of the campaign is to engage with guests that either are very busy or uncomfortable coming into our showroom. by submitting a form we will drive the VOI to their home or place of work and offer to give them a demonstration of the features along with letting them drive it. We are also offering to handle all all the paperwork off site as well. So far we have received little interaction with this option. I am somewhat surprised by this since the option hase prime real estate on our homepage. Has anyone else tried this approach. I am interested to hear any thoughts, ideas, and experiences.
Cody Jerry
How many clicks is it generating on the home page? Honestly, if you wanted more action you would be better off making it a CTA on a VDP. Typically a visit to the home page has one of three reasons. 1. Looking to buy a car 2. Looking for service 3. Looking for a phone number Since you not using shape, faces or hues to draw attention you most likely won't detract people from those initiatives. To be absolutely certain you could use some heat map software on the site to see how many people are considering it. If you wanted to get some action on that you could make it a part of the VDP with something like "Let Us Bring It To You" with a hover over or description explaining how it works.
Dustin Lyons
Good call Cody, it would probably get more action on the VDP. Perhaps a nicely designed button below the price.
Lauren Moses
I have to agree with Cody as well. It needs to be more on your VDP than the homepage. Maybe where you have a contact us, or a lead submission form. Also, broadcast it on your social media. Post it on your personal facebook page as well. Your friends can be some of your best assets for spreading the word, more so even than facebook ads because they are people that you know personally or indirectly through your friends and you have something to break the ice with when they actually do come in or you take the vehicle to them. Also, maybe try posting something in your service department. It would help customers that have vehicles they may be ready to trade in. Offer to take them where ever they need to go and it doubles as a short test drive and gives you time to talk to them about the vehicle. A quick call back to the dealership gets them picked up, and one extra chance to let them drive and get that new car fever before they pick up their vehicle.
Dennis Wagner
I concur with all of the above. You will more than likely get a lot more action if you put it on your VDP's. Lot's more views at least.
Bill Simmons
You're on the right track with your idea. This exact process was one of the "Best Idea" nominees at Driving Sales either last year or the year before. It was very well received by those in attendance. That dealer also had the message on the VDP as others have mentioned.

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