Web forms best practices?

Matt Danskin
I always found that less info was better. You are better off getting name and phone number than asking for so much info that they decide not to fill out and submit the form at all.
Bryan Armstrong
Most of my forms are a multi step process. Obtaining key info first and delving ever deeper as the consumer journey continues. Regardless of when the customer decides to abort, the gathered info is captured. I've found consumers will fill out more info through amulti-step process than one long form. Blame it on the A.D.D. but it works. Take your current forms and prioritize the most important info into several short forms for better capture and conversion.
Bryan Suddith
I agree with Matt and Bryan. Less is better. Capture what you can when you can. Name and email are essential. Using a string approach moving them along a process and gaining more in depth information as they continue will also work. Try two different forms and watch your statistics. If more folks avoid the longer form, use the short form and take the conversions when you can get them.
Max Katsarelas
Every website is different and so are their users. I'd suggest testing a long form versus a short form versus a multi step form. In my experience, people are more likely to join/submit information when less is required. I've also found that people are more likely to finish forms when the page around the form is free of marketing speak other than a short title about what they're doing, i.e. "Join for free" or "Get pre-approved now"
Aaron Schinke
A couple of great points here so far. We've definitely had some success with multi-step forms especially when it comes to finance/credit. You don't want to intimidate someone with the length and scope of a form. Be willing to meet the customer half way. We ALL love phone numbers, but wouldn't you rather have a name and email as opposed to nothing at all. Let your visitors select how they want to be followed up with. Offer something in return. Not necessarily a gift card or anything, but a value proposition. Whether it be the convenience of an appointment, or an exchange of information ( think "e-price" or more pics) ... there has got to be a reason to submit info in the first place.

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