Bryan Cheers
Hello, My name is Bryan Cheers. I am the GM Of Naber Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Shallotte,NC. I would also would like some of you take a look at our website and appreciate any and all input. Dont hold back. Thanks for your time. The website is
Russ Chandler
Bryan, I took a quick look at your site and I might have a few things that could be improved. The first thing I noticed was your photo count for your vehicles, mostly 9-11 photo's. You need to have at least 20 photo's per car and really the more you have the better chance you also have in standing out from the competition. You also were lacking video, there is two different types of video. 1st you have the slide-show type of video and second you have a real-live video walk-around. If you are advertising with or Autotrader most likely you have video as part of your package and if you ask your rep they will actually allow you to feed those videos onto your own website for no extra charge. When someone uses your "request a video" option then you can send a live video to them via email or text. There were also no sellers notes, you already pay for the ad space you should be using it. Think of it like when you advertise in a newspaper, you utilize and fill every square inch you can with as much information or marketing strategy that you can. You can post comments about anything history, condition, what you offer as a dealer. Even specials on financing or an event that might be going on at your dealership, people read these comments. Many times with used you can bring attention to the vehicles strength or explain something that might otherwise scare a customer away. I saw that you have a Facebook page and it honestly looked great! Video's and photo's of tings going on in your dealership and happy customers are great. You should be utilizing that on your website and placing these photo's and video's actually on the website. It is great for SEO and will make your site feel more personal. A lot of pages of your site are filled with quality information but lack any visual stimulates. Pictures, video, and images will go a long way for hardly any cost. In your service section you could post an image of a car the pointers to common service issues with what the average cost of repair is. On your about us page you can post photo's of the dealership and staff or even a video message from the owner/GM. All this media adds up to great SEO for showing up on search engines and making your site memorable. Facebook also has lots of code that can be places on your site to automatically show what you are doing on Facebook also on your site. Holding regular contests are great online and you can post the winner on your site so customers have to stop by the site to check if they have one. The last thing I came across was your photo over-lay. I thought it took too much of the photo up. It looked like about 40% of the photo was actually the overlay. The bottom half of the overlay was just for the website name but the text wasn't even large enough to fill the space. I would slim it down and take closer photo's of the vehicle for better viewing. The space that is still available on your overlay show be used to show strengths of your dealership. Tell the customer about specials, financing options, deals that are going on, or even instruct them to call and ask about something for a specific deal. Make it memorable and stick out. Some dealers will actually create their own slide about their dealer and what they have to offer and include it as the last photo of all their vehicles. So that a customer that is scrolling the photo's of a car will come to the end and see what is basically a flyer with whatever type of strategy you would like. Lots of room for more content, media, and marketing. I posted my site below that is only a couple of months old. Many of these ideas are new to our dealership and are producing results. We still have a lot of room to grow but with how fast the online world progress's I've accepted that this will be a constant for as long as we want to compete online. Good Luck! Let me know if you have any further questions or would like to discuss anything in more detail. Thank you. Russ Chandler 260-433-3168
Jim Bell
I will agree with Russ. More photos the better. I do like the fact that you do have real photos of new vehicles on your site vs. stock photos that a lot of dealers have. Video would be a great add. I also like that you have all of your social on your homepage. I would be careful as it does open another window and a potential customer may end up on facebook more than your page.
Jay Lynch
Hi Bryan, I am a vender; however, you are not in my area of responsibility. It is getting late on V-day and the wife is looking at my funny so I will be brief. 1. Site looks good I do have a couple of tweaks a. Similar vehicles should be right next to the vehicle they drill down on. b. On used car look at the site as if it is your first time there. If you have to think about it or learn what to do there is too much going on. c. Agreed, absolutely more pics... I recommend 30 to 40. d. I like the fact that you have both drop down and drill down search options on the inventory page. e. I would like to see, under features, the addition of value added options and their relative value. It helps create value in your vehicle over others (ie. Premium Package $3250 includes:) f. You are not using a description of the vehicle. These can be effective at driving home a few good hooks. g. e and f add quality content to your site and drive SEO. 2. I am not sold on Video. Having said that, I noticed you are optimized for Shallott but not the surrounding area. I would rather see you spend that money on content pages to give yourself a presence in the surrounding markets and/or SEM (pay per click). 3. Good decision on chat it appears to be managed and I expect it will pay off for you. Continue to tweak and grow your site!
Nick Popoli
Bryan, 1. Are you in the business of selling tires in the service drive? I would expand your "tire center" under your parts and service heading to give more information to your clients. List information about how to properly maintain your tires (i.e. PART), and provide information on what you carry, services that you provide. 2. Why give a prospective client a reason to go bounce off of your website in search of new vehicle review? Add a thrid party new vehicle review page under your inventory tab. 3. Add a "benefits of CPO" page under inventory. Build value in your CPO program and edcuate your clients on why CPO is the way to go. This not only builds value in the program but helps let you command a higher price for these units. 4. If you practice LIVE MARKET PRICING - then let shoppers know. You can add this info directly from site like V-Auto - see for an example. I do not work for these folks - just siting the example. 5. May consider adding a lease return page under "Finance" that would edcuate clients on their lease retunr options - many dealers offer $250 or some dollar amount to have the client drop with you, so you get first shot on the car. 6. Consider listing available finance products under Finance tab. Do not need to list the pricing for any product, but I have found that if you give a client an idea of what you sell - product penetration increases on set delivery clients. Hope a few of these suggestions help.

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