Website chat providers.

Lezlie Brannan
I'm possibly looking to switch chat providers, and have narrowed it down to Active Engage and Contact at Once. Anyone have experience with both that could share some insight?
R Lamb
I've used both and I recommend Client Connexion above both. Many great features, great handling of chats for you and great customer service. My contact there is Scott Nash, - tell him Robbie sent you. He'll give you a month FREE of their service with no obligation. Try it out, I've been very happy with them.
Andrew Sierra
Currently we use Contact at once, while it is a great service to use and it works as advertised i feel like there could be a better option.
Micah Lakics
Since it looks like you're a Lincoln dealer, you might have access to the Ford Direct chat program. If you do, it's about $199/mo, no startup/setup fees and no contract, and it's fully managed. They are not quite as bells and whistles as C2C or CC as suggested above, but I believe they are a good first step into chatting. We are in the process of implementing them on our new website, but you can give them a test if you want: :)
Lauren Moses
Here is one that I have heard mention of that's free and those that I know have used it say it works pretty well.
Joe Simonini
Lauren just signed up for Will check it out and report back on my findings.

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