Website Conversion Rate

Andrew Getchell
What should be the target conversion rates for a dealer's website? Is looking at total conversion rate sufficient, or should dealers be looking at conversion rate for the big 3 profit centers (Sales, Service, and Parts)? If the latter, what are some suggested conversion rates?
Robert Karbaum
Can you be more specific. Website visitor tooooo.... sale? appointment?
Andrew Getchell
I would like to hear how other dealers are calculating lead conversion on their website. I've heard 2% industry average website conversion rate and am curious how that number is derived. What is considered a lead? Our website provide has a conversion rate displayed in the backend tool. Do most website providers calculate conversion similarly?
Bill Simmons
Andrew, it is typically figured by dividing form submissions from by your websites visitor count. 200 lead forms submitted out of 10K websites visitors equals 2%. Some of the website vendors also track phone calls, if they are using tracking numbers, as a conversion. If you are seeing a much higher number in your back-end tool that is probably why.
Andrew Getchell
Bill, thanks. I have my conversion rates broken down by sales, service, and parts and by form (credit applications, trade evalations, and chats) and calls. I was curious to know what most dealers are measuring. It seems by the low % (2%) that only the form submission is being measured, so I was wondering: 1. What are the majority of dealerships measuring and 2. If dealerships are measuring lead conversion as defined as contacting the dealership (i.e. form, call, and chat), what are more realistic benchmarks for lead conversion?
Robert Karbaum
Andrew, I find that a lot of conversion metrics also account for phone. Internet Stats are often defined by e-lead and phone traffic, instead of just e-lead traffic. There really isn't a fair number out in the world, unless you join up in a 20 group where you can ensure you are all singing from the same song sheet. Also, people in public tend to embellish facts to sound better I find; which is natural :P

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