Website pros and cons

Brett Sutherlin

Curious - what are your favorite and least-favorite parts of your current website provider/platform?

Derrick Woolfson

One of the pet-peeves of mine (with the current provider) is the inability to add multiple specials at once (for pre-owned)! They have supposedly been working on fixing the issue, BUT that was well over a year ago. Not to mention, when you do add a special it lags and takes 2-3 minutes just to add ONE special! 

One of the good things, though about the platform is the overall ability to customize landing pages. And they do have a great responsive platform. 

Moe Bakhtiari

One thing I hear allot from dealers is that websites are too complicated!

Simplicity is key. Keeping a site as simple as possible leads to a more fluid sales stream as well as a generally favorable user experience. 

Mark Rask

Moe is right     simple is better

Amanda Gordon

The templates our provider has are fun and updated frequently so we always have options to make it fresh and exciting. 

John Carter

Cons: The internal linking of the pages for the web crawler.

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