Website Pros & Cons Vin vs Dealeron

Jorge Rodriguez
Looking for pros and cons on two website providers. Dealeron and Vin Solutions. Any help would be very appreciated.
Lindsey Auguste
Have you checked out the DrivingSales Vendor Ratings? Both of those companies received Dealer Satisfaction Awards for 2011 so I imagine they have lots of ratings and reviews. You can look them up (and others) at Hope that helps!
Bryan Armstrong
I'm not familiar with Dealeron so I won't speak to that, but I can tell you that 3 Months ago I took a brand -new URL and launched my new Vin Site and it kicks the crap out of my well-established Cobalt site already. The power of having it tied to my DMS and closed R.O's is amazing. Conversion is up and the avg time on site and page views is tripled. Both have good things said about them, but the convenience and power of the VinLens tool tying back into my CRM and sending alerts etc. just can't be beat IMO.
Brian Pasch
Jorge One question that you need to clarify is if you plan to change your CRM system and your website. If you are keeping your CRM, the responses would be different.
Bryan Armstrong
Brian, I agree! I prefer the "Holistic" approach, but from what I DO know of DealerOn, they are good. Of course, most of that is because I know some of the people associated with the Company and they are top-notch. That being said, if you can change it all, that is the approach I've taken 3 times.
Jorge Rodriguez
I am a VinSolutions CRM user and it is "The BEST'!!! I will NOT be changing CRM's!!

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