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Derrick Woolfson

It seems that no matter how attentive you are to the websites you manage, there is always one thing you miss! How do you handle this? I have tried daily check-lists, but that is extremely cumbersome and time-consuming. Do your vendors assist you with this at all? 

Brian Nieves

I have also tried daily checks, but it consumes too much time each day. I spot check things once a week, but still miss some items from from time to time. I have started to only focus on our top 5 or 6 pages on the mobile site as this is the majority of our traffic. Also any time a new employee starts I always ask them to check out the site. I do ask my vendors from time to time as they always seem to have more free time to check thing out. The only downside is most vendors will only focus on their product and not the overall feel of the site from a customer view, but it does help.

Bart Wilson

I like having the new hires view your site.  A lot of times don't look at it like a customer.  We get used to things that make sense to us but mean nothing to them.  Good call.

Drew Delaware

Hi Derrick, my former team (when I was working for an auto group) performed quick monthly scans of our sites, and we had one person who continually worked their way through all of our websites (we had 35 in total) to look for issues. We called that an audit - it was a deeper look.

I often reminded our team that every time a page or section is added to a website, the "cost" is not just the time it takes to build the page, it's also the ongoing maintenance. Everything we have live has a maintenance cost (in time), and so I encouraged us to make decisions keeping both launch and maintenance in mind.

Mark Rask

the new hires are also a good idea 

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