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Eric Miltsch
Craig - this is awesome feedback & should be seen by any dealer out there considering their options. Having a dealer share their experience is huge.
Shannon Hammons
we changed Earlier this year to dealerfire, and I can honestly say that it was the best decision that we ever made. They are extremely easy to work with and can do anything that you want.
Carlo Castillo
I agree Shannon , I have been with DealerFire for a few years now and they are the Best! No matter what I ask for they just get it done.
Craig Waikem
I have heard nothing but good things from DealerFire, of our Honda 20 group members is with DealerFire. I mentioned Jeff Shane at Cobalt, I wouldn't be remiss if I didnt mention Noah Lee at and Jay Howell at Dealer E Process. Trust me Driving Sales Community these are good people and good vendors, I have often shared my displeasure with vendors on this site, so take this as credible reviews and critiscm.
Tim Lage
Something to keep in mind...some OEMs are very strict on what sort of customizations and alterations are compliant. This is especially true with Ford. Although Ford limits the amount of customizations allowed on their new Ford Elite platform, we need to remember that this solution does away completely with the need for the DealerConnection sites that offered little to no value and is a huge advancement for Ford dealers around the country.
Shannon Hammons
But you can create and have your own site that isn't part of your OEM. You can just use the OEM site for complaince and direct all traffic to your site.

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