Were you offended by Edmunds' ads?

Ron Henson
I am very interested to see where this discussion goes. Please jump in! http://adage.com/article/cmo-strategy/auto-dealers-fume-insulting-edmunds-ads/295532/
Linda Loepker
I was mixed on it when I saw it first - does not make the dealerships look good in my opinion - seems to relay the message that if you go straight to the dealer, you're likely getting screwed.
Lauren Moses
Oh I can't wait to see Dennis Wagners comments on this. He posted a lovely video to facebook just this morning over this same topic. As for me....No...No....No. It just screams that sales people ad dealerships in general are all scum bags that lie and cheat people out of hard earned money. I understand the concept of the customers hating to haggle, but the cashier is haggling in way the wrong way...."I'm with you, let's just forget Jason." "I want you to get these groceries, I'm on your side" It really just chaps me the way they went about it.
Christopher Murray
That is essentially what takes place at almost every dealership in the country, so, how could we possibly be offended by our own image? As long as the majority of dealerships set up pricing structures like traps we will continue to depicted as "sleazy" people. I, for one, am sick and tired of being painted by that brush and that is why the "one price" model is growing in popularity, not fast enough, but growing. Once the negotiating neanderthals are out of the business we can begin to build our reputation, climb out of the "slime" they have us in and begin to be recognized as the true professionals that some of us are.
Lauren Moses
Chris, It's hard for us negotiators to step out of that box when no matter what price we put on vehicles customers still want to know if you can come down off the price. I think it's more a matter of proving good customer service and showing the customers that the vehicles and the service they will get from your dealership are worth the investment. After all that's what cars are, investments, in your confidence, in your money, in your time, and your work.
Josh Phelon
Great comments Christopher.

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