What about Showroom TVs?

Stephen Aten

We presently use ABN Network for our Sales and Service customer waiting areas. We are in a position to make a change if necessary. Is there a better solution out there or are they what every other company strives to be...which I was told by my ABN rep. I was considering Digital Dealership system...any experience with them? Any info would be appreciated.


Hi Steven, there's a thread on this topic from last year with a bunch of insights for multiple platform solutions. I included the link below.  Digital Dealer System is a relatively easy setup, it's as close to "plug and play" I've seen. There are, however, DIY type solutions if you're willing to go that route. Here's the link from the thread I started on this


Tameem Hourani

Hey Steven - At Charj we have a solution that blends both Digital Signage and mobile phone charging.  Our devices are wirless chargers, with 6" screens on each unit.  Features on the devies include Surveys (with SMS Alerting), Advertisements, Inventory Browsing, Custom Messaging, etc etc.  If you'd liek to try a few of them feel free to message me directly, or head over to our website - www.charj.com

We will also be at the DSES in Vegas in October if you would like to check them out in person.

mark rask

Tameen i would like to look at that at dses

Tameem Hourani

Mark - would love to chat some more and give you a unit to try out at DSES! I sent a connection request so we can exchange contact info.

mark rask

Are you able to control the marketing messages on these tv's?

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