What are some of your Favorite Engagement and Retention Strategies?

Kristen Tepper

If "It costs 500% more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones." then why are we spending majority of our energy and budgets on seeking out new customers instead of investing just a little in engaging, retaining and delighting our current customers?

Here are some of my favorite engagement and retention strategies a few of my clients are currently utilizing:

  1. A client of ours really enjoys pairing their referral program with local organizations, charities and groups to help them raise funds, and since kids these days can't even have a bake sale because they might be trying to posiion someone, it's really great for kids sports groups as well (and effective for the dealership).
  2. Holding Contests with Rewards through various social media channels.
    1. EX: Guess the Score of a the big game and whoever wins will receive a $50 reward card (this card will also be reloaded for successful referrals in 24 hours!)
  3. Goodwill Intiatives - we have a client who follows their reviews closely and when they have an upset customer, they will reach out directly to talk about how they fix the issue and follow up with a thank you card and a reward card with $5-10 to buy them a coffee!
  4. Customer Appreciation Days - a few clients optimize on their "frequent" service customers and send them "surprise" rewards.

What types of engagement and retention strategies are you currently utilizing to reach your customers in some fun and inventive ways?

mark rask

I really like all of these ideas....espec. number three 

Chris K Leslie

I think the issue you run into with owner marketing especially in fixed ops is marketing budgets. Typically what I've seen is that those departments either have little to no budget. Why that is I don't really know. But it's harder to spend Vehicle advertising dollars on used car services. 

The other thing is that in many cases OEM's will match or pay back dealers for running certain types of ads. Those ads need to be done in a particular way in order to recieve pay,ment. So it's not so much that we dont want to do those kinds of things. It's that we want to get paid back for the ads we run. 

mark rask

Chris is right....its hard to co-op this type of marketing.....however some oems will help with data mning tools 

Kristen Tepper

@Mark and @Chris - i'd love to hear more about that. I'm still a bit new so i'm always learning, and i definitely i don't have enough co-oping knowledge, but it seems that a lot of OEM's are favoring digital advertising programs like email campaigns, and as long as your "pieces" are up to code "right logo, right verbiage" they will give some kick back to cover the costs, is this true or am i just totally off point?

mark rask

A lot of them will help you pay for data mining tools as well

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