What are you doing to GRAB / Attract the Mobile Crowd

Are we just making sure platforms are optimized? advertising differently? Broad questions. OK for broad answers. Thanks
Grant Gooley
Good question. Going by the response of the community, not many of us are thinking about this. I would think that aggregating a mobile audience would be very similar to a desktop audience. (as long as the optimization is there) However, with location technology, push notifications and gating there are opportunities to target relevant consumers in real time... Does anyone know of any automotive centric vendors who use this technology?
mark rask
good thoughts grant!
Megan Barto
Is anyone running specific remarketing ads on mobile?
Lindsay Kwaselow
A dominant strategy on mobile is so important because mobile shoppers have a higher probability of being in-market and late in their purchase decision-making process. In other words, people who search on mobile are likely to be in the "buyer" category as apposed to researchers or browsers – therefore it's crucial to have a mobile strategy, both for SEM and retargeting that targets these buyers in order to keep your competition from intercepting your mobile search business. There are a few auto-specific vendors that have access to Google's newest mobile ad unit called Dealership Listing Ads (DLAs), which are shown to get 2X the click through-rate as normal text ads. These ads were designed by Google specifically for dealerships and are structured for high engagement and minimal clutter. They are only available to clients of Google Premier SMB Partners in automotive.
very nice LK. Good intel

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