What are your online marketing priorities?

Kyle Orlando
As a marketer, you have 2 resources to prioritize. Money and Time. This post is focused on the latter. I'd like to receive feedback from fellow marketers on what they feel should be their top priorities. Here are 5 priority items in website execution: - Home Page Banners - Inventory Video - Used Car Descriptions - SEO/Content Creation - Offer Landing Pages Let me know how you would list these items 1-5. Feel free to add items above or below these (related to website execution). This exercise is to better understand time management and ROI.
Samuel Devon
A good addition to this would be lead generation and options to opt-in to future email marketing campaigns. Anyone who takes the time to submit their details, or request information is someone who is looking to buy.
Lauren Moses
Kyle I think you are spot on with your top 5, but Definitely need to include Samuel's lead generation. Leads are generating the money you need to keep everything running. But, you also need a good website to help generate those leads. Videos, I think, are one of the leading priorities nowadays in the internet race. Pictures used to be enough, but not any more. Customers are expecting videos.
Kyle Orlando
@samuel, Lead follow-up techniques are definitely an important part of the job. Not that website execution/merchandising is more important, but just the focus of this discussion. I posted this topic to get people thinking about how they manage their time to execute merchandising of their website - as a subset of the the overall time spent on other very valuable marketing activities. Thanks for your response! @Lauren, thanks for the feedback! I'm right with you on Videos. It's interesting how much marketers talk about videos and video strategies, but then never make it a priority to get done. I don't know if Videos are part of the expectation yet, but if they aren't - they soon will be. thanks again for your feedback!
Dan Ferguson
I'm assuming when you say "home page banners" that you mean monthly vehicle offers. If that's true I would suggest another (sub)step. Before you develop your banners, shop your competition's offers and make sure your price points are truly "special".
mark rask
kyle yo are right

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