What are your thoughts on Google+?

Tami Paulus
Google+ for individual is a great way of connecting. Also it allows flexibility to connect through chat, video. For business you can really have a brand name through Google+ page. Also for internet marketing Google+ is now very important.
Aaron Wirtz
Good question! I'll share a few.... What I like: -How Google's whole suite of services (Drive, YouTube, Gmail, G+) are all starting to come together, and once you're signed in, it's easy to get around to those very useful things from the tabs at the top of the screen. I start my day with at least 8 Safari tabs open (a number that grows before lunchtime), so any help saving screen space is welcome. -Searching within Google+ is fast and effective. It's starting to look like G+ has the opportunity to be the best of both Facebook and Twitter--More in-depth content (FB) while allowing you to connect and converse with people you don't know around the world on a particular topic of interest (Twitter). The "Trending on Google+" section contains usually interesting stuff, too. -Circles, of course. All signs are pointing towards Google breaking down the barriers between "online" life and "real" life, and to do that, they've embraced the fact that we all have different roles to play throughout the day (work, home, family, hobbies, etc), either of our own choosing or those demanded of our circumstances. By not having a one-stop "wall" where everything goes, G+ users are empowered to nurture their various selves and not bother certain portions of their contacts with irrelevant content. -Seeing a business' G+ activity (if they have one) from Google's main SERP page underneath their Maps listing. Very cool stuff. What I don't like: -The number of users. How many times do I go back in search of a good experience, not have one, before I give up? I haven't yet, but it seems like many users have done so along the way. It'll be interesting to see how YouTube's integration of G+ activity impacts this, though. Seeing that my YT subscriptions have +1'd something makes me want to use that feature, as well. -I'm torn about Communities. I love how easy it is to set one up (I've started one for Suzuki Auto Enthusiasts, for example), but I love the idea of independent forums elsewhere, as well. Call me nostalgic. -Local, Reviews, Ratings, etc.: Yuck. Get it together, people. It seems that the word about Google Reviews' instability is out now, but I still find their handling of the matter irresponsible and frustrating. ------------------------ I've always been inspired by Google's aspirations. With G+, they're trying to make the incomprehensibly vast internet feel like a neighborhood, and I can't help but think they'll eventually succeed. Time will tell, I guess!
Cassie Allinger
First off, kudos to Aaron for such an extensive answer. I agree on many levels with the points he made. And second, Eric, I love your point about cohesion. It's so much more important than many of us realize, and it might just allow a product like Google+, which was quite ill-received in the beginning, win the long race. BUT, I'm still not very fond of it. To this day, the only people (that I know) that have jumped on the Google+ bandwagon have been colleagues of some sort. That means they're either in marketing or bizdev and are using it solely as an experiment, or to connect with potential customers. I can't say the same for Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. If a social network can't grow organically, because people want to use it to be social, then I have trouble making room in my day for it. Second, it's been a very closed off platform since day one. Not that long ago, everyone was thrilled to find that Google+ finally opened up its API to companies like Hootsuite so that users could post through 3rd parties; but, it only works for pages, not for profiles. That's great -- but what about the individual? What use does a business have with a social platform if there are no users interacting with the social platform? Bottom line? Until there are more people using Google+ socially, and until I can post to the platform through a 3rd party of my choice, I will continue to spend my time elsewhere.
Ketty Colom
I like google + because it gives you the ability for to be in the google authorship program. If anyone looks up information related to a blog I wrote my picture shows up with a link to my blog!
Jim Bell
I love G+. It seems to have a lot more relevant content that I am looking for vs. Facebook with who I have circled. Will be interesting with the changes to come as they try to make it even bigger.
Melanie Wright
From a business perspective, we aren't overly active on the site. In general Google+ is a great idea, but it just hasn't taken off like its competitors. From our experience it appears that many businesses are only present on the site because they assume they need it. Since it’s a social site brought to us by Google, we assume the company gives Google+ profiles and activity more credit in the form of search results and relevance.

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