What blogs do you read outside of Automotive?

Jared Hamilton
Here are a few starters: Pando Daily http://pandodaily.com/ Seth Godin's Blog (side note: Seth is keynoting our Presidents club meeting for Dealer Principals in NY this april!! SCORE!! http://drivingsalespresidentsclub.com/ ) http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ TechCrunch http://techcrunch.com/
JD Rucker
I use Alltop. http://social-media.alltop.com http://seo.alltop.com For startup/tech news I use http://techmeme.com I'm not partial to any individual blogs. I scan through all of the fresh headlines starting at 2:30 am every morning and read the posts that seem important until around 4-5. Then I make any appropriate adjustments to the marketing strategies based upon the news followed by planned posts that I'll be putting up on places like Driving Sales. At that point it's usually around 7am and I'm ready to start my work day.
Jared Hamilton
...lazy JD, your just too lazy! lol :-)
Eric Miltsch
I have 7 categories within my Google reader: (Examples of the blogs included) Auto: AutoBlog, Automotive News & Jalopnik Design: Inspired Magazine, Design Newz, Desgin Shack, Designboom, Toxel, Web Design Ledger, Luke Wroblewski's product design blog SEO: Matt Cutts blog, SEO Book, SEOMoz, SearchEngineJournal, Google's Inside Search blog Technology: GigaOM, SlashGear, Geeky Gadgets, CrunchGear, Gizmodo, The Verge, Business Insider Web Development: Noupe, Snook, Smashing Share Mobile: Mobile Marketing, Inside Mobile Apps, Nielsen Wire, Google Mobile Blog, Creative Bloq Social Media: TNW, Social Fresh, Social Media Examiner, BuzzFeed
Ed Brooks
GADGETS! http://boingboing.net/ http://gizmodo.com/ http://www.techi.com/ http://thewirecutter.com/
Ed Brooks
And can't forget http://uncrate.com/

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