What can I do with a rss latest news feed?

David Newman
Hi, Im the Group Marketing Manager of Quest Motor Group, which is one of the oldest and most reputable Vauxhall and Saab Dealerships in Essex and the South-East of England. Our in-house marketing team have recently created a RSS feed of our latest news posts from www.questmotorgroup.co.uk. Can anyone one point us in the right direction as to recommended sites to flush the rss feed into? This would be very much appreciated. Kind Regards David Newman
Matt Watson
You need to put the correct HTML tags on your home page so it highlights in the web browser to let users know your site has an RSS feed.
David Newman
Thanks for the comment, we'll implement this over the course of the week. Regards David
Bruce Etzcorn
Matt's correct. I took a look and don't see a rss feed linked to this sites home page ( http://www.questmotorgroup.co.uk ) or news page ( http://www.questmotorgroup.co.uk/news ) Matt's correct, you'll want to add the tag in your page and describe the type your feed is created in (atom or rss) using the type attribute. Example (if you're using RSS): Once you have your RSS linked, most browsers will pick up on it and display an icon in the address bar. That's one way to ensure it's linked correctly. One final step would be to make sure your feed validates by entering your website address here: http://validator.w3.org/feed/ Once you have your news feed generated and correctly formatted, send it to http://pingomatic.com, http://technorati.com and enter it as a feed each of these sites. They'll ping your site and look for changes in the feed automatically.
Bruce Etzcorn
Looks like Driving Sales stripped out my example: link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="[your feed title here" href="[your feed url here]" This is a self-closer, so add opening "" end of that line.
David Newman
Fantastic. Thanks Bruce, we'll implemented the above within the week. Regards Davod/

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